FHA Loans (Federal Housing Administration) 

We offer relaxed guidelines under various competitive FHA loan programs, including Fixed-Rate and Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMS). 

This down payment can come in the form of gift funds. FHA was created by the federal government to provide affordable housing for qualified borrowers. FHA insures the loan. Borrowers pay an up-front insurance premium which can be financed directly into the loan amount.

VA Loans (Veterans Administration)

VA loans are an easy way for veterans to purchase a home with no money down.  In comparison to Conventional loans, VA loans offer 100% financing with excellent loan rates and require no monthly mortgage insurance. 
Veterans may choose between a Fixed-Rate or an Adjustable Rate Mortgage. Depending on the status of the veteran, the funding fee required by the Department of Veteran Affairs varies between 0% and 3.3% of the total VA loan amount. Veterans who qualify as disabled by the VA duty are exempt from paying the funding fee. To qualify for a VA loan, a Certificate of Eligibility is needed.
Source:  www.gmmllc.com