What Makes a Great Lender?

What Makes a Great Lender?


Let me first start off with a revelation and that is, when you work in an environment where excellence is expected, it produces inter-office dialogue focused on such topics as the seemingly philosophical question of “What Makes a Great Lender?”  Being surrounded on a daily basis by some of the best loan officers, processors, underwriters, and closers in the industry produces dialogue that places great emphasis on always becoming more excellent.

As any professional committed to client service excellence would do, I wanted to hear what clients, potential clients, real estate agents, and benefit coordinators thoughts were on the topic as well.  So over the past couple months I have made a point to ask this question fairly often.  I have been impressed to find that the answers given have also been fairly consistent as well.

Answer to What Makes a Great Lender:

A Great Lender…

(1)  Possesses effective communication skills

(2)  Delivers on commitments made and is trustworthy

(3)  Provides a great experience that makes it easy to do business with

There are certainly more answers that were given, but these three answers were given most frequently.  I am also very interested in hearing what you have to say.  If you could respond with what you feel makes a great lender please comment to this post or email me directly at Jeffrey.Novotny@NovotnyLending.com.

Our Answer in the Office:

I will tell you that our answer during our inter-office discussions tends to be a simple one, which is that a great lender takes the stress out of the mortgage process.  I add even more simply that my role is to focus on providing clients, referral partners, and my team an experience focused on excellence.

As a lender, if I am fortunate enough to have a multiple decade career in this great industry, I will help individuals and families secure financing for their home thousands of times.  Whereas, my clients may only go through the home buying or home financing process on a few occasions throughout their life time.  As you and family look to make the largest financial investment of perhaps your life, make sure you have a team of professionals focused on providing a great home financing experience.


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**** As I write this please know that a little over 20 days out from the roll out of TRID on October 3rd, our local office became one of the first lending teams in the country to get out a TRID Closing Disclosure by mail to the borrower, which is more than 2 weeks in advance of closing and well in advance of the industry expected 45-60 day turnaround time!