Home Command CenterTop 3 Benefits

  1. Knowing what you can afford allows your real estate professional to customize your home search based on a real home price. During the pre-approval process The Novotny Lending Team will also help you understand what your monthly payments will look like. Understanding what you can qualify for and afford is critical when it comes to your home search.
  2. Pre-approved status escalates you from an unprepared shopper to a qualified buyer. In a competitive housing market, if a seller has multiple contracts it is likely that they will consider an offer that is submitted with a pre-approval letter vs. an offer without. Why? It comes down to certainty vs. uncertainty for the seller.
  3. By getting pre-approved you will have the ability to uncover any unforeseen obstacles that may eventually present themselves during the home financing process. Many clients have no idea what may come up on their full credit report, for instance did you pay all your bills on time in college or what is the impact of outstanding loans on your ability to qualify. Pre-qualifying provides a great opportunity to get your financials in order so that you can become a very qualified buyer when you find the right home.