Thank you for choosing The Novotny Lending Team to help your clients with their home financing needs. Our goal when working with real estate professionals is to help you stay in control throughout the entire home financing process. The Novotny Lending Team is committed to Home Financing Excellence in pursuit of being your go to lender for life!

Getting Your Clients Pre-Approved

After your initial client consultation with a prospective buyer, The Novotny Lending Team wants to be the next contact you have your buyer make. For a smooth client referral hand off process, The Novotny Lending team has developed a customizable email you can use as a realtor to connect your buyer to our team. As you start the home search for your buyer, we want you to be confident that your time is well spent looking at properties your buyer can afford and qualify for.

Once You Have Referred Your Client

  • We will set up an in person, Skype, or phone pre-approval consultation with your client as soon as possible
  • During this initial pre-approval consultation we will work to pre-qualify your buyers for the highest property value they can afford

The Novotny Lending Team provides a comprehensive and thorough pre-approval analysis, which in return gives you the confidence that your buyer will qualify for a loan based on the pre-approved amount.

Once You Are Ready to Make an Offer

Since pre-approval typically occurs weeks, sometimes months, prior to an offer being made on a property it will be important that you contact us prior to making your offer with your buyer.

  • We will speak to the pre-approved buyer to verify that all conditions regarding the client’s income, assets, and liabilities are accurate and valid;
  • We will customize your pre-approval letter based on the corresponding value of your offer;
  • Anticipating your needs is the most effective and efficient way to succeed with your offer; if you anticipate an escalated bidding scenario, we will pre-customize several pre-approval letters at specific values on behalf of you and your buyer.

The fun aspect of the real estate market is that you never quite know when your client will find the home of their dreams and want to place an offer. Whether you are preparing to make your offer late in the evening, early in the morning, or sometime in between, The Novotny Lending Team will be there when you need assistance the most.