No Cost Employee Educational Perk Program

  • We are in an era of increased benefit costs for employer groups and diminished value of these benefits for employees. When it comes to standard benefits, such as health insurance, employer groups have experienced increased costs while employees have seen increased family deductibles. Wouldn’t it be great if you could counter balance the diminished value of one benefit with the increased value in another?
  • Well you can through the power of NO COST Voluntary Benefits! The Novotny Lending Team offers a no cost Employee Educational Perk Program to employer groups that qualify.
  • If you are a decision maker at your organization and are interested in improving your work culture while enhancing the value your employees receive from their benefit package, we want to talk with you! The Novotny Lending Team understands the challenges you face in your organization. The

Top 7Where you will watch your children grow up Benefits for your organization

  1. Enhancing your benefit program value without increasing cost
  2. Educating your employees on topics that impact them
  3. Providing your employees access to industry experts on topics important to them
  4. Giving your employees perks on services they already utilize
  5. Engaging your employees and maintaining high morale
  6. Attracting and retaining top employee talent
  7. Providing a balance of business and personal life for your employees